Mighty Mounts! – for mounting the floatwheel hub to plus or XR rails


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with a set of these mighty mounts it will be possible to mount a floatwheel hub under an XR frame.

These blocks are cut out of S420 steel to make sure they are as strong as can be.

In the kit there are four M6 bolts used for clamping the axle and four 5/16th unc bolts to mount it to XR rails.

These blocks will sit 12,7mm under the center of the frame rails to keep the ride height the same as an XR.

If you use these blocks with the floatwheel hub you have to grind (or file) of the ends of your axle, otherwise it won’t fit in between the rails. No serious modification though, nothing that should scare away a diy’er.

Instructions can be found on this page by looking at the link on the left that says : mounting instructions

Mounting instructions

Start by mounting the 2 blocks onto the floatwheel hub axle. one of the two blocks has an extra chamfer to give extra room for the cable. Don’t tighten the clamping screws yet.

After mounting the blocks you can fit them to the rails to see how much you are going to have to cut off the hub axles later.

Center the hub and check how much you are going to have to cut off the axles. it should be between around 3.5 and 4mm.

After that make sure you can place the hub stable on a workbench for cutting the hub. i made a piece of plywood with a hole in it so nothing can fall into the hub and possibly damage something.

This will also give a good reference surface to measure from when your making the hub to size.

After that basically cut to size and deburr.

After that the same goes for the other side. But for this side i used the bandsaw to make space for the cable in the piece of plywood that i later covered up with tape.

After that you should have a nice set of shorter axles.

Now mount the blocks to the hub again but make sure you don’t tighten the clamping bolts. It is required that it has a little room to slide when tightening the bolts to the rails. otherwise it would introduce unnecessary tension in the board.

Also make sure that the M6 clamping screws are at the bottom of the rails and not on the top. These blocks where designed so the most material is above the axle, this way it can take a bigger beating when jumping.

Make sure the rail mounting screws are all loosely screwed in before tightening them.

After tightening the rail screws you can center the hub in between the rails. There is a very small bit of play so you can move it around.

After you centered it you can tighten the M6 tightening screws and you’ve just mounted the hub. pretty easy right?