Reinforced connector covers




Protect those connectors with these improved and reinforced connector covers.

Our reinforced cable covers are thicker and have reinforcement ridges, they also fit better and have a better rounded shape where the cables enter. Because of this rounder cable entry you’ll have less chance of chafing your cables. It also fits more snugly into the rail recesses which makes it easier to assemble where the original will start to move around while assembling.

These covers are printed in PETG and are therefore very much capable of withstanding an impact.

You might have seen these connectors around elsewhere because they were designed by us long before the flowglider webshop came into existence and we only recently decided to sell 3d printed parts on flowglider.

Because these are 3D printed we keep a low quantity in stock, therefore a color might be sold out but if you come back a day later we’ll probably have them back in stock.