Impact plates – Stainless steel skid plates for Onewheel XR


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Get ready to armor the underside of your Onewheel XR with these 2mm thick 304 stainless steel plates.

These plates have formed screw holes that sink into the original bumper where other skid plates are flat. Because these screw holes sink into the original bumper holes they can’t slide when receiving an impact and therefore transfer the impact to the bumpers as can be seen in the following cross section. This way there will be less strain on your threads.

Product FAQ

What is the weight of a set?

The front plate is 708 grams and the rear plate is 780 grams.

Are the screws included?

There are 8 screws that are 3/4″ in length and 2 that are 7/8″ in length included, the longer screws are most likely needed in the front. A hex key will also be included

Can i install these on my plus?

Yes, but you do need a set of protective bumpers for your plus instead of the original ones.